Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Calico Rock mystery cave

In no particular order, here are some shots of mystery cave at Calico Rock (AR)

Recently made a trip with some friends to a cave in Calico Rock (AR) that is somewhat of a mystery. It seems that no one in town has any knowledge of the cave, how it was formed, how it was used, or any other type history.
It was divided into three rooms by well built sandstone walls and included a clear, deep underground water supply, I suppose cistern would be the best term since the cave was on a high hill overlooking the White River. Land owners request no further information be given regarding its location.
There is speculation it could have been used as a holding area or hide out for slaves, or an ammo dump during the Civil War, however, I feel it is really too damp for ammo storage. There is seeping water dripping from the ceiling in the smaller back room of the cave.

It may possibly have been used as a saloon or even a temporary home for awhile. There are very distinct notches in the sandstone rock walls where boards were placed as shelves.
The cave is cleverly disguised from the public and there are obvious signs of improvements to the cave that have been made over the last hundred years or so.
For more information on this mysterious hole in the ground, visit the folks at Exploring Izard County.
Taking photos inside the cave was easier than I expected. The main opening was large enough that ample light/coupled with my camera flash gave good exposure.
In the remote and darker rooms, the area was small enough that the flash was sufficient. We did however supplement lighting with portable lanterns or flashlights just to be on the safe side.
Some video was shot by the fellas at Exploring Izard County and is posted on their blogspot.

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