Saturday, July 11, 2009

T Mac Photos

Welcome to the first posting at T Mac Photos, the site all about photography, the outdoors, travel, and people who love to do them all.

On this blog I hope to share some of the photos and information about trips that my number one assistant (wife Roberta) and I have had the fun of making over the past couple of years. Trips include many in the Natural State of Arkansas, like Pedestal Rock at Pulsar, the bluffs at Calico Rock along the White River, (shown above) as well as cross country road trips into places like South Dakota and Wyoming.
(moose in Snake River, Teton National Park)

I've recently had the privilege of passing on my love of photography and the outdoors by teaching "basic beginning photography" classes at the Batesville Area Arts Council.

Students in every class are great to work with, and it's really rewarding when someone finds the answer to a photo problem they have been dealing with or discover one of the "neat" settings on their camera for the first time, or learn how to overcome lighting problems by simply chan
ging a camera setting or using the reflective sun shield from their car.

One recent student was ecstatic when she learned how to slow water flow to obtain a silky effect. And, during the class field trip, it was hard to get her away from the gushing Blanchard Spring Cave and nearby Mirror Lake waterfalls (shown here).

Other students have told me that just learning how to find and use their camera's menu settings has given them a whole new perspective on photography, and freed them from the "auto" setting forever.

From time-to-time, we will be sharing with you some of the photo tips and techniques used in those classes, I hope some of them will help you take better pictures.

Also, watch for a schedule of guided fall (2009) photo tours coming up in the
Ozarks around Batesville, and the Boxley Valley area (including Hawksbill Crag-right) along the Buffalo National River in Newton County, AR.

Thanks for visiting us and come back often, Tony.


  1. Wow! What a great looking site! Do you give website building classes as well?

  2. Great photos Tony, keep em coming.